Hyde Park Barber Studio

A historic shop delivering exceptional cuts

The Hyde Park Barber Studio has proudly served the Hyde Park community for 11 years at its current location at 1431 E Hyde Park Blvd.

Barbershops have always been a place of convening and culture for communities and Hyde Park Barber Studio provides itself on carrying on this tradition. Beyond haircuts and grooming the shop is an essential part of the fabric of the neighborhood. In years past the shop has been featured in movies, and used as a venue for community outreach programs. Furthermore, Hyde Park Barber Studio owner, Abdul Karim Shakir, takes pride in that fact that this historic shop provides a stable leaving for all of the barbers’ families, “Five of the seven barbers in this shop are fathers. The community is   through our collective ability to operate a business.”

Abdul Karim never intended to own a barbershop. In 1989 he was returning from service in the US Marine Corps and was considering radiology school. However, a chance visit to the local barber college revealed an unrealized passion for Shakir, “I was first attracted to the shop because the barbershop was a cool place. I liked the vibe and the people.”

The vibe and the people are essential components of Hyde Park Barber Studio as all but a single barber have been at the shop in excess of five years; a rare feat for any barbershop. Having a consistent community of barbers committed to its customers helps Hyde Park Barber Studio server over 500 residents each week and ensures this historic shop has a place in the future.
Hyde Park Barber Studio is truly a historic shop delivering exceptional cuts.

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