Some of the Best Restaurants in Hyde Park

Hyde Park in Chicago has all you could wish for when it comes to eating out

Let’s face it, everyone loves to dine out and enjoy a deliciously cooked meal. People don’t just love the food though, they also love dressing up for the occasion and the camaraderie with their companions. Now, when it comes to the cuisine, everyone has a unique taste, and people crave different styles of food in different moments.

So, that’s why it’s amazing that Hyde Park have such a vast array of excellent restaurants. There’s genuinely something to suit all preferences, and that’s a huge factor in why so many people flock to this neighborhood every day, every month and every year.

For instance, if you’ve worked up an appetite for a scrumptious pizza, then there’s a multitude of Italian eateries dotted around. Alternatively, maybe you want a hearty burger with some fries, or a chicken katsu curry with rice? If so, you’ll be able to locate a plethora of American and Asian restaurants in the area.

But, Hyde Park isn’t just limited to Italian, American and Asian diners. In fact, there’s plenty of restaurants with cuisines from all around the world, and subsequently offer tons of original dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. Plus, there’s cafes where you can divulge in some breakfast, and snack bars or fast food diners where you can grab some quick lunch.

Hyde Park in Chicago has all you could wish for when it comes to eating out, but here are just few of the best…

Valois Restaurant

This is an American cafeteria style of restaurant, and their food is second to none. A counter-service smorgasbord of American comfort food served in a casual and muraled space, Valois is a cash only restaurant. Every dish is made with love, passion and skill, and that’s why people adore eating at Valois Restaurant. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, and their signature biscuits are to die for. Oh, and we forgot to mention – this is one of Barack Obama’s favorite places to eat at! Valois Restaurant is located at 1518 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615.

The Sit Down Cafe Sushi Bar 

Although this place prides itself on sushi and Asian cuisine, it also offers some other popular dishes, which is great if a family member isn’t a fan of Asian dishes. So, if you aren’t going to eat their renowned sushi, salads or soups, then you could always tuck into some home-made pizza or bruschetta. The Sit Down Cafe Sushi Bar is located at 1312 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615

Piccolo Mondo

 Piccolo Mondo is situated in a wonderful location, as the large windows all you to look out onto strips of the scenic park as you’re eating. As for the food, this is an authentic Italian diner, so you’ll be offered fresh tasting dishes including cheeses, pasta, bread and fantastic sauces. Piccolo Mondo is located at 1642 E 56th St #1, Chicago, IL 60637.

Ja’ Grill Hyde Park

Ja’Grill Hyde Park is both a bar and a restaurant. It combines classy dining with authentic Jamaican fare through a menu inspired by Herbert “Errol” Gallimore, who was born and raised in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Errol has spent his entire life in the food business. During his early years, he ran the family’s business, “Sunshine Groceries and Bar”, in a town just outside.  Ja’ Grill Hyde Park is located at 1510 E Harper Court, Chicago, IL 60615.

Cedars Mediterranean Kitchen

As the name suggests, this is a restaurant which specializes in gorgeous Mediterranean food, particularly Lebanese and Middle Eastern. You’ll find plenty of meat on skewers, along with dips, sides and main courses with flavors that make your taste buds erupt. Additionally, you won’t be leaving here hungry, as the portion sizes are very generous! Cedar Mediterranean Kitchen is located in the Kimbark Plaza at 1206 E 53rd St, Chicago, IL 60615.

Salonica Restaurant

If you’re searching for a Greek restaurant, then Salonica Restaurant is a superb option. All of the food is traditional, but they also serve all-day breakfast items such as eggs, hash browns and bacon. Ultimately, you’ll be able to eat tasty food in a lovely environment. Salonica Restaurant is located at 1440 E 57th St, Chicago, IL 60637.

Few of the Best Restaurants in Chicago Hyde Park
Few of the Best Restaurants in Hyde Park
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